August 2021 Menu

Our latest North Shore Meals on Wheels menus, beginning in August, have a new look!

We’re excited about this new menu format for a few reasons:
-The new 4-week rotation format allows you to see more than one month of meals
-There will be no need for a menu to be sent out every month
-You can set up your meal delivery schedule on a long-term basis without needing to refer to a new menu each month

If you already receive meals on an on-going schedule, we will apply your current delivery schedule using the appropriate menu – regular meals OR no red meat meals. You do not need to contact the office unless you would like to make a change to deliveries.

As a reminder, we require 1 week of notice for any changes you’d like to make to your delivery schedule.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 604-922-3414.